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  Category: Knockerball Rentals
A protective single chamber ball of air with handles inside and shoulder straps to enable you to have fun control.  Slam in to another Knockerball opponent and never get hurt.  OK, there is some pain involved; the pain in your sides from so much laughter. Don't forget to practice some rolling and flipping.  
Must be played on grass, turf, or gym-like surface.

How To Play:
  • Blow the Whistle
  • Every Guy/Gal for himself, stay on your feet
  • Get knocked off your feet, You're Out!
  • Last Guy/Gal standing Wins!!!
All of our Knockerball events include setup, trained and friendly staff, and clean up! 
Parents can sit back and enjoy or get in the ball and have some fun!  
6 Knockerball Party
6 Knockerball Party
8 Knockerball Event Package
8 Knockerball Event Package


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